Alfred Byron Normal

Alfred Byron Normal, monster, boy, experiment. He is Elmore's first offspring. He's huge, but he's so young.

Barnaby Collier

Barnaby Collier, vampire with a drinking problem. He is Samantha's cousin, visiting from England.

Claudia Charming

Claudia Charming, Samantha Charming's sister. Ex-opera singer. Back home for a while. Not sure why. Oh, yeah, she's invisible.

Elmore Crankenstein

Elmore Crankenstein, Scientist, interested in the source of life. Is he mad? Ummm, could be. Married to Samantha Charming.

Hannah Dettwiler

Hannah Dettwiler, zombie. She used to be a witch in Samantha Charming's coven. But on that nefarious European vacation, they ran into some zombies. Hannah was infected and now she has no magic.

Jackson Chernov

Jackson Chernov, werewolf. He ran into the family on a European vacation. He's pack now, with Samantha Charming as his alpha.

Josanne Dulac

Josanne Dulac, ghost. She's Elmore's sister. She died horribly and young. Elmore was so devastated that Samantha, out of love for Elmore, brought her back as a ghost.

Mayor Martha Merill

Samantha Charming

Samantha Charming, head of the Charming household in Darkmoor Manor.

Sandy Brown (chauffeur)

Sibylle Moliniere

Sibylle Moliniere, demon. Okay, succubus, to be more specific. Does she have a crush on Barnaby? Yeah, looks like. Is she trouble? Well, she is a demon.